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Air Inlet Filter House designed to Nigerian weather conditions!

Air intake is an important ongoing process for any turbine operations. A 15 MW turbine for example, intakes ~4300 tons of air every day! The air comes laiden with moisture and particles from industrial operations, transport, vegetation, and extreme weather conditions to name a few. Turbine operations in various oil & gas and power generation companies in Nigeria are exposed to severe weather conditions. While in some locations high humidity is a persistent challenge, in other locations Harmatan can have significant impact on filter house, filter element, and hence turbine performance. Our OEM partner Camfil is a global industry leader in green-field and brown-field turbine filter house design, manufacturing, and installation across varied climate conditions. Camfil solution is widely recognized by GE, Siemens, Rolls Royce, & Solar – global leaders in turbo machinery manufacturing! We not only work with Camfil to provide a customized solution designed to your weather conditions, but also evaluate the life cycle cost of such a solution for you. This life cycle cost savings often goes over and beyond the initial CAPEX investment in such engagements.

Camfil Air Inlet Filter House Solutions Use Cases!

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